General Terms and Conditions

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1 Scope

2 Guest accommodation contract, conclusion and content of contract, contractual partner

3 Arrival and departure times, late arrival

4 Performance

5 Prices

6 Payment, obligation to pay

7 Resign of the hotel

8 Cancellation by the customer

9 Force majeure

10 We try to fulfill your wishes / wake-up orders

11 Non-smoking room

12 Pets

13 Fundsachen, Nachsendung, Nachrichten, Post- und Warenendungen

14 Liability of the hotel

15 Usage agreement for the use of Internet access via WLAN

16 Barring period

17 Final provisions

  • 1 Scope of application

  1. These Terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of hotel rooms and apartments of the hotel for accommodation as well as for all other related services and deliveries of the hotel. They may be partially replaced by conditions negotiated in writing in individual cases.
  2. The customer’s terms and conditions shall only apply if expressly agreed in writing in advance.
  • 2 Guest admission contract, contract conclusion and content, contract partner

  1. The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room has been ordered orally or ordered and confirmed in writing. In the case of hotel accommodation, the accommodation contract (guest accommodation contract) shall also be deemed to have been concluded if the room was provided without prior confirmation.
  2. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfil the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract. The contract cannot be cancelled unilaterally.
  3. The hotel is obliged to compensate the guest for non-availability of the room damages (or equivalent accommodation to name).
  4. If the guest does not use the contractual services, he/she is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price less the expenses saved by the landlord, which are calculated at 10% of the agreed overnight price.
  5. contractual partners are the hotel and the guest. If a third party has ordered for the guest, he shall be liable to the hotel together with the guest as joint and several debtor for all obligations arising from the hotel accommodation contract, provided that the hotel has a corresponding declaration from the third party.
  • 3 arrival and departure times, late arrival

Reserved rooms are available from 15:00 (arrival day check-in time) until 11:00 (departure day check-out time). Changes to the arrival or departure time must be agreed in advance. However, the guest has no contractual right to an earlier or further provision of the hotel rooms, even after agreement. After 13:00, the hotel has the right to charge the room price for another night. A day room will be calculated from the indicated room price minus the breakfast price.

  • 4 Benefits

  1. The hotel is obliged to keep the rooms booked by the customer available and to provide the agreed services.
  2. The customer is obliged to pay the hotel’s agreed or valid prices for the provision of rooms and other services used by him. This shall also apply to services commissioned by the customer directly or via the hotel, which are provided by third parties and disbursed by the hotel.
  • 5 Prices

  1. The agreed prices include the respective statutory value added tax applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract, currently 7% on overnight stays and 19% on breakfast services, unless otherwise agreed agreement. If the statutory value-added tax rate increases in the period between conclusion of the contract and provision of services, the hotel shall pass on the increase to the customer forward.
  2. The prices can also be changed by the hotel to an appropriate amount if the customer subsequently requests changes to the services booked (number of rooms, length of stay, etc.) and the hotel agrees to the change in contract.
  3. Billing is in Euro, all prices are in Euro. Foreign means of payment are not accepted. Bank charges shall be borne by the party obliged to pay. He has to take care for a free bank transfer.
  • 6 Payment, payment obligation

    1. Invoices of the hotel are to be paid on spot at the latest on departure without deduction numbers.
    2. According to written agreement, payment of the invoice is possible without deduction within 8 days after issue of the invoice. In the event of default in payment, the hotel shall be entitled to charge interest at a rate of 10% above the applicable base rate in accordance with §247 BGB. For each reminder, a reminder fee of 10.00 € is due.
    3. Default in payment of even one invoice entitles the hotel to suspend all further and future services for the customer. The hotel shall decide on this without notice.
    4. The hotel reserves the right to demand advance payments at any time or the payment of an interim invoice at a rate to be determined by the hotel, in particular if the length of stay extends to 5 days or more or if a higher number of rooms (5 rooms or more) has been booked.
    5. If the advance payment is not made in due time and this is not made within a reasonable grace period set by the hotel, the hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and to claim damages for non-performance. For the assessment of the damage, § 8 para. 4. shall apply.
    6. Complaints regarding invoicing must be made to the hotel immediately upon becoming known.
    7. The form of invoicing (recipient) is to be communicated to the hotel at the time of the order or at the latest at the end of the service.
    8. The customer may only offset or exercise a right of retention against claims of the hotel with legally binding effect established claims.
    9. The acceptance of credit cards is at the discretion of the hotel in any case, independent of the posted general acceptance references. Acceptance of credit cards and other means of payment shall be on account of performance only. The maturity of the cash payment is not affected by the acceptance of these means of payment.
    10. The hotel does not accept traveller’s cheques.
    11. A refund of services paid for but not used or partial services is not possible.
    12. There will be no price deduction.

for non-use of breakfast without prior notice.

  • 7 Cancellation of the hotel

  1. Were the customer is granted a free right of rescission or partial cancellation right, this shall also apply to the hotel.
  2. If an agreed advance payment is not made even after the expiry of a reasonable grace period set by the hotel, the hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. However, this does not release the contractual partner from any obligation to pay cancellation fees if the booked rooms are not rented. .
  3. Ferner the hotel is entitled, for objectively justified reason, to contract, for example if – force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible make it impossible to fulfil the contract, – accommodations or events with misleading or false statements of essential facts, e.g. – the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract due to force majeure.B. of the customer or purpose,- the hotel has good reason to believe that the accommodation and/or event may jeopardize the smooth running of the business, security or the reputation of the hotel in public, without this being attributable to the hotel’s sphere of control or organization.organization.
  4. The hotel must inform the customer immediately of the exercise of the right of withdrawal .
  • 8 Withdrawal / Cancellation by customer (please note § 10.1)

  1. Cancellations must be made in writing.
  2. The customer only has a right of withdrawal free of charge if this was agreed in the respective contract. If a free cancellation date is stated in the reservation confirmation, a written cancellation, which is received within the cancellation period, is free of charge. Thereafter, cancellation fees less saved expenses, which are considered agreed at 20% of the room rate, become due. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that his cancellation is received by the hotel on time; the burden of proof of the cancellation lies with the customer..
  3. The booking period must not be changed, partial cancellations on the core days are not permitted.
  4. rooms that are neither cancelled nor occupied (No Show), will be charged less 10% of the room rate.
  5. Even agreements to the contrary require written confirmation by the hotel.
  • 9 Force majeure

The hotel is entitled, in the event of force majeure or any other event beyond the control of the hotel, not to

representative circumstances to withdraw from the fulfillment of the contract without a

Claims for damages incurred by the customer.

  • 10 We try to fulfill your wishes / wake-up orders

  1. It can happen that not every wish can be fulfilled, especially for rooms booked online and at short notice. For safe fulfilment of your wishes (e.g. wedges, additional cushions, beds for allergy sufferers, balcony rooms, special cancellation requests, gluten-free/lactose-free food) please contact us in good time before arrival.
  2. Your wake-up call will be executed with the utmost care. Claims for damages from possible omission or technical disturbance are excluded, however.
  • 11 Non-smoking rooms

  1. smoking is not permitted in our rooms. However, the hotel has some rooms with ashtrays on the balcony. If a balcony room is desired, please let us know in good time. (see §10.1)
  2. Smoking in the room or apartment constitutes a use contrary to the contract, which is punished with a flat-rate contractual penalty of 150.00 €. With this fee we share the cleaning costs (curtains, furniture, etc.) with the guest. If the room cannot be rented on the same day due to the strong smell of smoke, an additional night will be charged according to the hotel rate.
  • 12 Pets

We ask for your understanding that pets are not allowed in our hotel.

  • 13 Lost and found items, redirections, news, mail and goods

    1. The customer’s finds will only be forwarded on request, at the risk and expense of the customer. The hotel will keep these for a minimum value of 5,– € for six months.
    2. News, mail, merchandise, etc. sent to the guest will be received and stored with the greatest care, or delivered or, on request, for a fee – redirected. However, liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded


  • 14 Liability of the hotel

    1. The hotel shall be liable for its obligations under the contract with the diligence of a prudent businessman.
    2. If defects should occur in the deliveries and services of the hotel or if the service should be disturbed, the guest must report this immediately after discovery – in any case before his departure, so that the hotel may be given the opportunity to remedy the situation within a reasonable period of time or to establish the contractual conformity of the deliveries and services. The guest is obliged to contribute what is reasonable and to keep any damage as low as possible.damage.
    3. Claims for damages, for whatever legal reason, will be excluded, unless the hotel can be accused of intent or must be held liable for its own gross negligence or gross negligence of its legal representatives or executive employees as well as its other vicarious agents or the claim for damages results from the breach of essential contractual obligations. In all cases of simple negligence, liability existing under this provision is limited in amount to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract. Liability for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected.
    4. If the customer is provided with a car parking space in the hotel car park – also against charge – this expressly does not constitute a custody order. The hotel shall not be liable for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or manoeuvred on the hotel premises or in the hotel garage and their contents, except in the case of intent and gross negligence negligence. The hotel has no obligation to monitor.
    5. If the customer is a hotel guest, the hotel shall be liable for items brought into the hotel in accordance with Sections 701 et seq. BGB (GERMAN CIVIL CODE). Accordingly, liability shall be limited to one hundred times the room rate, but not more than € 3,500.00, or € 800.00 for money and valuables. In the room, liability can only be assumed if the items in question are personal belongings of the customer which he actually needs at the time of use of the room. The liability has to be limited here to the permissible extent. Valuables such as jewellery, cash, fur coats, etc. must be deposited at the hotel reception desk, whereby a separate storage contract must be concluded with an authorised person . The hotel accepts no liability for valuables not deposited. The hotel is entitled to refuse to store valuables or cash.
    6. The customer or guest bears the sole risk of liability for objects or materials left behind in generally accessible rooms, technical facilities or event rooms of the hotel.
    7. In all other respects, the liability of the hotel in the non-service-specific area is limited to defects in performance based on intent or gross negligence on the part of the hotel. 15 User agreement on the use of Internet access via WLAN

      1. Sharing the use of a WLAN The hotel operates an Internet access via WLAN. If the hotel allows the guest to share WLAN access to the Internet as a courtesy for the duration of his stay at the hotel, this is a service provided by the hotel and may be revoked at any time
      2. The owner assumes no responsibility for the actual availability, suitability or reliability of Internet access for any purpose. He is entitled at any time to discontinue the operation of the WLAN in whole, in part or temporarily , to allow further co-users and to restrict or exclude the guest’s access in whole, in part or temporarily. In particular, the owner reserves the right, at his own discretion and at any time, to block access to certain pages or services via the WLAN (e.g. pages glorifying violence, pornographic or paid for pages). the co-user alone is responsible for creating all technical and organizational prerequisites for the use of the WLAN


Internet access via saveSpot

SaveSpot is a trademark of AKC-Schwarz GmbH

AKC-Schwarz GmbH

Market 10

50374 Erftstadt

Representation by Managing Director Heiko Heinrich Schwarz

Commercial Register Number: Local Court Cologne HRB 74310

Information according to §6 Telecommunications Act: TKG registration number: 12/025

USt. no.: DE 281 376 071

E-Mail: info (@) saveSpot (.) en

Hotline: 0800 – 755 15 35

Telephone: 02235 – 17048150

Fax: 02235 – 17048199

By entering your name and accepting their terms of use and AGB`S you get access to our WLAN

      1. Danger of WLAN use, limitation of liability

The guest is informed that the WLAN only allows access to the Internet, virus protection and firewall are not available. The data traffic generated using the WLAN is unencrypted. The data can therefore possibly be viewed by third parties. The owner expressly points out that there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) may get onto the end device when using the WLAN. Use of the WLAN is at the guest’s own risk. The owner assumes no liability for damage to the guest’s computer caused by the use of Internet access, unless the damage was caused by him intentionally or through gross negligence

4 Security

The data transmission is free of charge, but unencrypted. The data may therefore be viewed by third parties. Please pay particular attention to this when transmitting secret or company data. The WLAN only allows access to the Internet. The contents retrieved are not subject to any examination by the owner, in particular not as to whether they contain malware. The use of the WLAN is at the user’s own risk. The owner expressly points out that there is a risk that malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) may be transmitted to the end device when using the WLAN.

      1. Responsibility and indemnification of claims

The guest himself is responsible for the data transmitted via the WLAN, the services used and legal transactions carried out. If the guest visits paid websites or enters into liabilities, the resulting costs are to be borne by him. He is obliged to comply with the applicable law when using the WLAN.

In particular, he will:-not use the WLAN to access or distribute immoral or illegal content;

– do not illegally copy, distribute or make accessible any copyrighted goods;

-observe the applicable regulations for the protection of minors;

-don’t send or distribute any harassing, defamatory or threatening content;

-do not use the WLAN to send mass messages (spam) and / or other forms of illegal advertising.

The co-user exempts the hotelier from all damages and claims of third parties, which are based on an illegal use of the WLAN by the co-user and / or on a violation of the present agreement, this also extends to costs and expenses connected with the claim or its defence. He knows the guest or must he recognize that such an infringement of rights and / or such an infringement exists or threatens, he draws the hotelier’s attention to this circumstance.

      • 16 Statute of limitations

claims of the customer due to non-performance or defective performance or due to any other liability of the hotel shall become statute-barred – subject to any shorter statutory limitation period – at the latest after six months, calculated from the last day of service provision.

    • 17 Concluding provisions

    1. Changes or amendments to the contract, including these Written form clause, must be made in writing.
    2. The place of performance and payment is the seat of the hotel.
    3. Exclusive place of jurisdiction – also for disputes over cheques and bills of exchange – is the registered office of the hotel in commercial transactions. If the customer has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, the place of jurisdiction shall also be the registered office of the hotel.
    4. German law applies.
    5. If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. The same applies in the case of contractual gaps. Otherwise, the statutory provisions shall apply.